Who am I?

My name is Alicia Dass and I am the Managing Director of Black Hat Ventures Limited, trading as Black Hat Designs. Our company does branding, wide format printing and graphic design. We currently maintain B2B and affiliate partnerships to promote our fellow small business owners and clients. We also support our community and youth in entrepreneurship and innovation. Within the graphic design sphere, we work on social media designs, signage, labeling and document formatting. I am currently partnered with a local author for a book launch as I am also a writer. Stay tuned for that!

My Journey in one word!

If I could describe my entrepreneurial journey in one word, it would be tumultuous. It has been both exciting and unpredictable. My inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur began when I was a junior in Naparima Girls’ High School and was given the opportunity to be a part of the Junior Achievement programme. This instilled a love for business within me.

My Motivation

My motivation along with my husband has been to be self employed so that we could grow our family and have the time and flexibility for our future children. Sadly in 2021 we lost our son ‘Alexander Nico Naz Dass’ and it has been very difficult. Being self employed has given me the time I needed as a mother and wife to pace myself. Now my main motivation is to keep working in Alex’s honour.

Lessons Learnt

One major lesson I’ve learnt along the way is the importance of resilience. With the onset of Covid 19, it has rocked the world and as a small business owner, it has been very trying. I am also studying online and this can be very hectic when coupled with work.

Any advice?

If I had to advise women currently considering entrepreneurship, I would say do it but stay realistic. Seek advice, mentorship and network. Most importantly, innovate, start and persevere.

Happy Global Entrepreneurship Week! Happy Women’s Entrepreneurship Day, Nov 19th!


2 Responses

  1. Too often tragedies can break a person. I admire your resilience in your personal and professional life. You have chosen to not only develop your entrepreneurial skills but also to use your expertise to make a difference. May Alexander’s memory always bring you joy. I am inspired to START AND PERSEVERE!!!

    1. Nisha,

      Thank you for your kind words. I truly appreciated reading it. I have dealt with alot of tragedies but this one made the heaviest blow. It really made me reconsider my path and there are times I am still tempted to give up the entrepreneurial journey. I too will try to continue persevering. The fact that I was able to inspire you meant the world to me. – Alicia

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